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SHK-1 Vented (Studson)


The STUDSON SHK-1 industrial safety helmet is the first of its kind in North America. The revolutionary SHK-1 is the most innovative industrial safety helmet to hit the market and now you can get your hands on it.

Designed specifically for the industrial trades, the SHK-1 utilizes cutting-edge head protection components used in gravity sports but never before used together in an industrial safety helmet.

The Basics:

✓ ANSI Z89.1- 2014 | Meets European standard EN 12492:2012 

✓ Certified Type II - Type II helmets can withstand impact from all sides

 Class C — Conductive

✓ Vented — Designed to keep the rain out while providing greater impact protection and increased breathability perfect for those out in the field

 Rear dial— Located in the back to tighten and loosen helmet as needed

 Utmost comfort — Comfort is essential and our helmets are comfortable enough to wear through your entire work day.

The Innovation:

  • Koroyd® welded tubes — crumple instantly on impact to absorb maximum force to protect your skull and brain from direct and angled impacts which may reduce the risk of suffering a life-changing injury.
  • Brainshield® by Shield-X® — Replaceable helmet pad system to significantly reduce the sharp twisting and compression of the brain during angled or oblique impacts – the primary cause of concussions.
  • twICEme® — An integrated chip based on NFC technology that stores emergency contacts and critical medical information to allow first responders to access vital data when seconds matter.
  • Modular rear brim — Our helmet comes with a slight rear brim designed for rain deflection. Comes with additional flat rear option to achieve a cap-style look.
  • 4-point chin strap system — Fidlock® magnetic buckle enclosure with adjustable nylon 4-point strap, allowing for maximum adjustability and easy one-handed use with gloves.
  • Sleek Design — An innovative-looking helmet while blending elements from the traditional hard hat heritage
  • Add-on accessories available to attach to SHK-1 helmet

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