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PTS-52 Series, 800 N·m

PTS-52-800 3/4″ SQ. DR.


The PTS is the result of an extensive design project to produce an efficient air motor, purpose built for this application in an accurate torque tool. The new air motor is then married to Norbar's respected gearbox range, sharing common torque reaction accessories with PTM and EvoTorque® tools.

Additional information

Weight 148.15 oz
  • Designed to offer excellent power-to-weight ratio
  • Up to 2.5kg weight saving compared with PT equivalents
  • Easily accessible switch for forward and reverse operation
  • ±5% repeatability of reading from 20% to 100% of range
  • Air coupling designed for safety and rapid operation
  • Directional exhaust barrel directs exhaust away from operator
  • Replaceable square drive
  • Fast operation for rapid bolt rundown. Up to 60% faster than PT-72 model
  • Steel reactions supplied as standard. Bespoke reactions available
  • Very quiet operation - reducing the need for protection with sound pressure levels from 77dB(A) to 79dB(A)
  • Supplied as standard with a traceable calibration certificate in a clockwise direction only
  • Non-impacting - exceptionally low vibration levels (0.343 m/s²), make these tools comfortable and safe for operator use