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Nitecore P35i 3000 Lumen 1804 Yard Rechargeable LEP Flashlight


The Nitecore P35i LEP flashlight is a culmination of the latest LEP technology combined with multi-LED boosting to create the most powerful flashlight ever. Its central LEP module creates a spotlight beam that can reach up to 1,804 yards, longer than 18 football fields! Combining the six surrounding flood LEDs, it produces a 3000 lumen max beam that covers both areas closeby and faraway. In your palm is a searchlight that can reach over a mile in distance, great for hunting, search and rescue or spelunking.<br><br>The P35i is USB-C rechargeable with a high capacity 5000mAh battery included. Built-into the side of the P35i is an OLED panel giving you detailed battery level readings, remaining runtimes, mode readouts, and more. The protected USB-C port can also be used to connect the included RSW2i pressure switch for remote control when the flashlight is mounted. The P35i is made from durable aero grade aluminum alloy and is rated IP68 waterproof, ready for outdoor adventures.

  • POWERFUL LEP FLASHLIGHT - Nitecore P35i has a 3000 lumen max powered by a state-of-the-art LEP module and six surrounding LEDs that reaches over a mile in distance and cover the nearfield.
  • USB-C RECHARGEABLE - a protected USB-C port fast charges the included 5000mAh iSeries battery.
  • BUILT-IN DIGITAL DISPLAY - for fast readouts of real time battery level status, remaining runtimes, mode selections, brightness levels, and more.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Built from durable aero grade aluminum alloy and rated IP68 waterproof and 1m impact resistant, great for hunting, search, or spelunking.

Additional information

Weight 15.00 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 10 in