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Nitecore HU60 1600 Lumen Focusable Headlamp with NPB1 Power Bank


The NITECORE HU60 is a focusable headlamp with a maximum brightness of 1600 lumens. When totally focused in spotlight mode, you get a powerful beam that reaches up to 177 yards, ideal for spelunking or search and rescue. Switch to 100% flood light mode for up to 170 degrees of illumination to cover nearly everything in front of you; great for biking or running at night. Adjusting the focus on the HU60 is incredibly easy with simple two button controls. Press one button to adjust the flood, and the other to adjust the spot; it is that simple! This revolutionary headlamp brings power, flexibility, and reliability to any situation.<br><br>The HU60 can be powered by any external USB power bank with at least a 2A output. This reduces the weight of the headlamp, significantly lowering fatigue during use. It also means that as long as you have a compatible power source, the HU60 can continue to function. The included NPB1 5000mAh waterproof power bank has a built-in lock that attaches to the HU60’s USB cable, guaranteeing a secure connection. Enjoy up to 5 hours on high mode when paired with a Nitecore NPB1. Each HU60 is paired with a wireless wristband remote to quickly and easily turn the headlamp on and off, or adjust the beam focus. This is especially useful when doing maintenance or navigating tight spaces.

  • BRIGHT FOCUSABLE HEADLAMP - Fully focus the HU60 to spotlight for a powerful 1600 lumen beam that reaches 177 yards, ideal for spelunking, trekking, and search and rescue. Change to 100% floodlight for 170 degrees of illumination and up to 1200 lumen, great for biking or running at night.
  • EASY TO OPERATE - A simple three button design: one button for power, one to adjust flood and one for adjusting spot. Also comes with a wireless wristband remote to provide access to all functions, especially useful in a tight spot.
  • PRESETBEAM PROFILES - Five preset flood and spot ratios to cover a variety of outdoor activity illumination needs from spelunking to maintenance around the house.
  • FLEXIBLE POWER OPTIONS - Comes with a waterproof power source, with a built-in lock, for a secure connection. It can power the headlamp up to 5 hours on high mode. HU60 can be powered by any USB power source with more than 2A output.

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Weight 14.20 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 2.25 × 8 in