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Nitecore HC65M v2 1750 Lumen NVG Mountable Rechargeable Headlamp with Red /High CRI Light


The NITECORE HC65M v2 is a USB C rechargeable headlamp specially designed to mount on helmets with NVG mounting brackets. Equipped with a primary Luminus SST-40-W LED, users will enjoy a 1750 lumen wide-angle output beam capable of a 180 yard throw useful for up-close to mid-range tactical illumination. It adds even more function with secondary red & high CRI LEDs. A high CRI auxiliary white light provides natural light that reduces eye strain and can be used for reading or working while an auxiliary red light helps users preserve night vision in the dark and is great for map reading and navigation.<br><br>A single push button switch located on the top of the unit provides easy one-handed access to five brightness levels and six special modes. You can also easily adjust the direction of the beam’s tilt up and down. A built-in power indicator allows users to check battery levels any time. When it is time to recharge, just connect the included charging cable to any USB-C power source. Its durable metal construction and an IPX8 waterproof rating ensure this headlamp is ready for your next mission!

  • NVG MOUNTABLE TACTICAL HEADLAMP - Nitecore HC65M v2 can easily snap to a tactical helmet with a NVG mount. Ready for your next mission with adjustable beam angles, durable construction and IPX8 waterproof rating.
  • BRIGHT HEADLAMP - Produces a scorching 1750 lumen wide-angle beam output reaching up to 180 yard with 5 adjustable brightness for up close to mid-range tactical illumination.
  • HIGH CRI & RED LEDs - A secondary high CRI LED is ideal for up close work and reading without straining the eyes, and a red auxiliary light preserves the night vision and is great for navigation and map reading.
  • USB-C RECHARGEABLE - comes with a replaceable high capacity rechargeable battery and a built-in charging port. Just connect the headlamp with any USB power source to recharge.
  • CONTENTS: Nitecore HC65M v2 Headlamp, Nitecore NL1835HP Battery, USB-C Charging Cable, Headband, and Bracket

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Weight 7.90 oz
Dimensions 2.25 × 4 × 6.15 in