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Nitecore HC65 v2 1750 Lumen USB-C Rechargeable Headlamp


The Nitecore HC65 v2 headlamp takes everything we love about the Nitecore HC65 and makes it brighter, easier to use and faster to charge. It increases the max output to 1750 lumen, reaching up to 180 yards. Its 100° degree wide angle flood beam covers your entire field of vision. The HC65 v2 retains the auxiliary red light for hunting, insect repelling, or low light tactics – as well as the high cri secondary LED for low light reading, and color rendering. This makes the HC65 v2 an ideal headlamp for camping, running, trekking, biking, or any outdoor activities.<br><br>The HC65 v2 headlamp comes with an 3500mAh high capacity 18650 battery that supports an exceptional 800 hours of runtime on ultra low. You can fast charge the headlamp via its USB-C charging port. It is comfortable to wear with a secure rear pad and silicone grip strip on the headband. With the quality you can trust from Nitecore brand, the HC65 v2 headlamp is an indispensable tool you can count on no matter if you are at work or have fun outside.

  • Maximum of 1750 lumen output reaches up to 180 yards
  • 5 brightness modes, with an auxiliary red LED
  • USB-C Powered by a rechargeable 3500 mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • Adjustable headband made from soft silicone and rubber
  • High CRI ≥ 90 - Warm lighting increases color vibrancy

Additional information

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Weight 10.00 oz
Dimensions 2.25 × 4 × 6.15 in