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Belt B VDE 1 Zyklop bit socket set TORX® / hexagonal socket with holding function, 3/8″ drive


  • 10-piece ⅜” socket set on robust textile belt
  • Smooth Twist to Unlock mechanism for a secure fit and simple removal of the sockets
  • Extremely short and compact ⅜” bit socket for easy work even in very confined spaces
  • The holding function holds screws securely on the tool
  • Individually tested tool as per IEC 60900 at 10,000 V for safe working at up to 1,000 volts

10 Zyklop bit sockets, with ⅜" drive, insulated, individually tested as per IEC 60900. Increased safety due to 2-component isolation with yellow core under red insulation outer layer visible in case of damage to outer red VDE insulation layer. With holding function for TORX® screws to Acument Intellectual Properties specifications or holding function for hexagonal socket screws. Robust textile belt in the typical Wera design with 10 VDE bit sockets in a compact space. A smooth turning mechanism ensures secure holding and easy removal of the sockets. Includes snap hook for attaching to belt loops or bags. With fleece backing and hook and loop fastener strips for easy attachment e.g. on wall, shelf, workshop trolley and Wera 2go tool transport system. VDE ⅜" bit socket and holding function for particularly comfortable screwdriving with reduced risk of screw loss when feeding to the component. With increased safety due to yellow insulation core, which becomes visible in case of damage to the outer red VDE insulation layer. Individually tested tool as per IEC 60900 at 10,000 V for safe working at the approved voltage of 1,000 V.





  • 05004920001
    1x TX 20x55 mm
  • 05004921001
    1x TX 25x55 mm
  • 05004922001
    1x TX 27x55 mm
  • 05004923001
    1x TX 30x55 mm
  • 05004924001
    1x TX 40x55 mm
  • 05004925001
    1x TX 45x59 mm
  • 05004900001
    1x 4x55 mm
  • 05004901001
    1x 5x55 mm
  • 05004902001
    1x 6x55 mm
  • 05004903001
    1x 8x59 mm
  • 1x 200x30 mm

Additional information

Weight 1.44 oz
Dimensions 9.39 × 3.35 × 3.15 in


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