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8100 SB VDE 1 Zyklop Ratchet set, insulated, switch lever, 3/8″ drive, metric


  • Insulated and 100% individually tested Zyklop ratchets, sockets and extensions for safe working up to 1,000 volts
  • Fine-toothed ratchet with 80 teeth for a short return angle of 4.5°
  • Extremely slim design with a soft, ergonomic grip zone for easy work even in very confined spaces
  • Robust and extremely compact textile box with socket holders, which ensure a secure hold and easy socket removal by means of a rotating mechanism
  • Tools and textile box protect sensitive surfaces, the box is Wera 2go compatible

Incredibly compact set arrangement for a lot of tools in a small space. Individually tested ratchet, sockets and extensions as per IEC 60900 at 10,000V for safe working at the approved voltage of 1,000V. Textile box with very high robustness and durability can be positioned upright for clear storage in the workshop shelf. Additional surface protection through textile outer material. Low weight and volume for easier mobility. Smooth turning mechanism for secure hold and easy removal of VDE sockets.





  • 05004966001
    1x 3/8"x222 mm
  • 05004950001
    1x 6x46 mm
  • 05004951001
    1x 7x46 mm
  • 05004952001
    1x 8x46 mm
  • 05004953001
    1x 9x46 mm
  • 05004954001
    1x 10x46 mm
  • 05004955001
    1x 11x46 mm
  • 05004956001
    1x 12x46 mm
  • 05004957001
    1x 13x46 mm
  • 05004958001
    1x 14x46 mm
  • 05004959001
    1x 15x46 mm
  • 05004960001
    1x 16x46 mm
  • 05004961001
    1x 17x46 mm
  • 05004962001
    1x 18x46 mm
  • 05004963001
    1x 19x46 mm
  • 05004964001
    1x 3/8"x91 mm
  • 05004965001
    1x 3/8"x166 mm
  • 1x 240x50 mm

Additional information

Weight 3.84 oz
Dimensions 12.04 × 7.01 × 2.36 in


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