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6001 Joker Switch 4 Set 1 Set of ratcheting combination wrenches


  • Practical holding function thanks to the metal plate in the jaw
  • Limit stop prevents any slipping
  • The double-hex geometry reduces the risk of slipping
  • The direction of the fine-tooth ratchet mechanism can easily be changed via the smooth switch lever.
  • With Take it easy tool finder: colour coding by size

High quality set of ratcheting combination wrenches by Wera: Joker ratcheting combination wrenches with angled ratchet head and switch lever. The metal plate in the jaw provides for the holding function which reduces the risk of losing nuts and bolts. The integrated limit stop can prevent any slipping from the bolt head downwards and enables higher torque to be applied. The exchangeable metal plate in the jaw securely holds nuts and bolts with its extra hard teeth and reduces the risk of slipping. The double-hex geometry delivers a very positive connection with nuts or bolts and again provides for a lower risk of any slipping. The low return angle of only 30° at the jaw end avoids any time-consuming flipping of the wrench when fastening. The reversible ratchet mechanism at the ring end with its fine toothing (80 teeth) ensures great flexibility even in confined spaces. Audibly precise ratchet mechanism. Additionally, the robust two-piece locking element provides for an extreme stability. Comes with a 15° angled ratchet end for secure work even at high torque. The special forged geometry allows for high torque transfer and high flexural rigidity. Manufactured out of high-performance chrome-molybdenum steel with a nickel-chromium coating for high corrosion protection. With "Take it easy" Tool Finder: colour coding according to size. - 05020090001 1

  • 05020065001 1x 10x159 mm
  • 05020068001 1x 13x179 mm
  • 05020072001 1x 17x225 mm
  • 05020074001 1x 19x246 mm
  •   1x 70x50 mm

Additional information

Weight 1.95 oz
Dimensions 12.01 × 3.74 × 2.17 in


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