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6000 Joker 11 Set 1 Set of ratcheting combination wrenches


  • Practical holding function thanks to the metal plate in the jaw
  • Limit stop prevents any slipping
  • The double-hex geometry reduces the risk of slipping
  • Return angle of only 30°
  • With Take it easy tool finder: colour coding by size

High quality combination ratchet wrench set by Wera: everything that a wrench has to be able to do. And a whole lot more. Faster, better, stylish. Yes, a real Joker. The new generation of combination ratchet wrenches. 11-piece set in a robust pouch. Suitable for hexagon bolt heads or nuts. Comes with a holding function, thanks to the metal plate in the jaw, which reduces the risk of dropping nuts and bolts. The replaceable metal plate in the jaw secures nuts and bolts with its extra hard teeth and limits the danger of slipping. The integrated limit stop prevents any slipping down around the bolt head and allows higher torque to be applied. The double-hex geometry makes for a positive connection with nuts or bolts and reduces the risk of slipping. A return angle of only 30° at the open end prevents any time consuming flipping of the wrench during fastening jobs. The ratchet mechanism at the ring end, with an exceptional, fine-tooth mechanism – 80 teeth in all – enables flexibility even in very confined working spaces. The specially forged geometry provides for high torque transfer and strength. Manufactured out of high performance chrome molybdenum steel with a nickel-chrome coating for high corrosion protection. "Take it easy" Tool Finder with colour coding according to sizes.

  • 05073268001
    1x 8x144 mm
  • 05073270001
    1x 10x159 mm
  • 05073271001
    1x 11x165 mm
  • 05073272001
    1x 12x170.7 mm
  • 05073273001
    1x 13x177 mm
  • 05073274001
    1x 14x188 mm
  • 05073275001
    1x 15x200 mm
  • 05073276001
    1x 16x212 mm
  • 05073277001
    1x 17x224 mm
  • 05073278001
    1x 18x235 mm
  • 05073279001
    1x 19x246 mm

Additional information

Weight 4.26 oz
Dimensions 12.01 × 3.74 × 3.35 in


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