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5″ Electronics Super Knips®


Electronics Super Knips®

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  • Precision pliers for ultra fine cutting work in electronics and fine mechanics
  • Ground, very sharp cutting edges without bevel for flush cutting perfect for cable ties
  • Precision shaped tips cut wires resting on a board from 5/64" (1.2 mm) diameter
  • Joint with stainless steel rivet
  • Extremely smooth movement for minimum operator fatigue
  • Includes opening spring for easy repetitive work
  • Approximately 20% lighter than conventional electronics pliers
  • Grooves in handle provide a steady grip when applying slight pressure
  • Cutting edge hardness (approx. 64 HRC)
  • Special tool steel, burnished
  • Precision ground cutting edges with very small bevel suitable for hard wire

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Weight 2.08 oz
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 0.63 in