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5 1/4″ Electronics Diagonal Cutters


Electronics Diagonal Cutters

77 01 130

  • For fine cutting work in electronics and fine mechanics
  • Sturdy, zero-backlash box joint
  • Low friction double spring for gentle and even opening
  • The mirror polish together with a fine film of oil offer effective rust protection - no circuit faults caused by peeling chrome from plated tools
  • Cutting edges induction hardened (approx. 62 HRC)
  • Cutting capacity - up to 5/64" for soft wire, 1/16" for medium and up to 1/32" for hard wire
  • Semi-flush with bevel
  • Ball bearing steel; laser-hardened cutting edges
  • Semi-flush cut
  • Load-optimised for a more direct feel when working
  • Plastic-coated handles
  • Cutting edge hardness approx. 62 HRC
  • Ball bearing chrome steel
  • Narrow sleeves pulled up to the head of the pliers enable the tool to be guided securely and comfortably, also between thumb and index finger
  • Cutters additionally laser hardened, cutter hardness at least 60 HRC

Additional information

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Weight 3.84 oz
Dimensions 5.25 × 1.88 × 0.63 in