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11 Piece Insulated Tool Kit


11 Piece Insulated Tool Kit

Jonard's 11 Piece Insulated Tool Kit is the perfect kit for tech professionals and electricians. It contains 11 tools: 7 screwdrivers, 3 pliers, and 1 wire stripper, all packaged in a convenient rugged tool case. These tools are made of heat treated chrome vanadium steel for maximum strength and durability. The tools meet or exceed IEC 60900, ASTM F1505-01, and VDE standards for high voltage protection and are tested to 10,000 VAC and rated to 1,000 VAC live use.

Kit Includes

INP-1072 Insulated Lineman's Combo Pliers, 7 1/2"
INP-2065 Insulated Long Nose Pliers, 6 1/2"
INP-3062 Insulated Diagonal Pliers, 6 1/4"
INP-4065 Insulated Wire Stripper, 6 1/2"
INS-180 Phillips Insulated Screwdriver, #1 x 3"
INS-2100 Phillips Insulated Screwdriver, #2 x 4"
INS-3150 Phillips Insulated Screwdriver, #3 x 6"
INS-4100 Cabinet Slotted Insulated Screwdriver, 5/32" x 4"
INS-475 Cabinet Slotted Insulated Screwdriver, 1/8" x 3"
INS-6150 Cabinet Slotted Insulated Screwdriver, 1/4" x 6"
INS-8175 Cabinet Slotted Insulated Screwdriver, 5/16" x 7"
TKC-110 Rugged 11 Pocket Tool Case