About ETI Energy Tools, LLC.

ETI Energy Tools, LLC. is a single source industrial supplier of tools and safety equipment to many industries.

Our primary industry focus is Renewable Energy -ie: Wind Energy, Solar, and Geothermal. (Long term we hope to focus on all industrial and equipment industries).

Most suppliers to the Renewable Industry, and their employees/sales representatives, do not have the vast understanding of the Operations and Maintenance program needs for Renewables. The Owners of ETI have over 20 years experience in Operations & Maintenance of Renewable Energy Power Plants from transitioning Wind Energy Power Plants, to Construction Operations, routine O&M, and repair and safety.

Having been involved in the many necessary operational aspects of Renewable Energy Power Plants, ETI has a unique ability to be an invaluable resource to our customer. We understand the lack of knowledge that many suppliers have in assisting with the understanding of purchase needs. Just knowing the projects and manufacturers onsite is enough for ETI Energy Tools to help build and supply what your company needs.

ETI Energy Tools primary advisor was the first person to pioneer a focused and knowledgeable tool company who could understand and successfully provide tooling to the Wind Energy Industry. Our customers will benefit greatly from the wealth of knowledge and experience that sets ETI Energy Tools, LLC apart from other suppliers.

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